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Man penis white - Why is my dads penis bigger than mine

Posted by alfredmcvay31 on May 22, 2013 at 12:55 AM

Man penis white - Why is my dads penis bigger than mine

Can you grow your penis larger without even embarrassingly consulting your doctor? Absolutely! These days growing a significantly larger-sized penis can be as easy as just gulping down one or two natural growth supplements each morning!

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There is no secret that penis size and enlargement has become an obsession. Men are much more worried and stressed about their penis size than women are. When you ask question the likes of does size really matter? Then women usually say that what really matters is what you can do with the penis not the size. This may make some guys feel a bit better but not many. The performance in bed for many men leaves them wondering if an increase in the size of their organ can raise their performance. If the performance is below par men lose the sexual urge. This makes them to lose the self confidence because they are concerned that the size of the penis affects the satisfaction that they can provide to their partners.

There's a big difference between natural penis growth and unnatural penis extension. Healthy natural growth will not hurt and it will last forever it is also far more effective offering much bigger gains to both length and girth than any kind of artificial extension attempts can hope to achieve. So you see it really is far better to grow your penis naturally rather than attempt to extend it artificially.

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